Glöcklerlauf “Glöckler Parade“ in Bad Ischl

Date: Sun, Jan. 5, 2025
Time: 17:00 — 19:00
Location:  Bad Ischl, Bad Ischl
Each year on 5th January, at around 6pm , Bad Ischl has “Glöcklerlauf”. The name "Glöckler" derives from the word “knock” and is rooted in an old Salzkammergut tradition.

Enoy the show

Each year on 5th January, at around 6pm , Bad Ischl has “Glöcklerlauf”. It marks the night into Epiphany, or Twelfth Night . The name "Glöckler" derives from the word “knock” and is rooted in an old Salzkammergut tradition. The “Glöckler”, in groups of up to 20, are led from house to house knocking on the doors and asking for a gift. They are dressed in white, have a belt with a loud sounding bell and carry ornate headresses (called Caps) lit with candles .

The caps are intricately designed .The first cap always depicts the comet, then follow caps with ornaments, buildings and references to customs and events. The Glöcker form a line and move in the figure of 8 and a circle, symbolising infinite repetition and the eternal cycle of nature. The candles and bells are to drive away evil spirits and bring blessings on humans and animals.

In Bad Ischl there are normally around 20 Glöcker groups and around 10 groups come into the town centre.

Glöcklerlauf “Glöckler Parade“ in Bad Ischl

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