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"Obertraun Mountain Moments": Echo and Weisenblasen at the lake

Date: Wed, Sep. 7, 2022
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Location:  Lake Hallstatt - Obertrauner Bay (Obertrauner Bucht), Obertraun
The incomparable end to an eventful day in the Salzkammergut! We hear each other to play the Weisenblasen as part of the “Obertraun Mountain Moments” directly on Lake Hallstatt!

Music over the lake

When in the evening the sun sets over the Plassen - the local mountain of the Hallstatt people - and the last boats sail into the "harbours", then it becomes quiet on Lake Hallstatt. It is precisely at this time that musicians from the Obertraun local music band take to the lake on the Fuhr, the traditional boat of the people on the lakes in the Salzkammergut, and invite you to an unforgettable musical experience: the “Weisenblasen”. Weisenblasen is the term for a small group of Alpine brass musicians usually consisting of at least a duo of Flugelhorns. It can be traced back to the turn of the century 1900 as a traditional act in connection with weddings, mountain masses etc.

The Lake Becomes a Stage

On this summer evening, the Obertraun bay becomes one of the most romantic places on Lake Hallstatt. Whether it's a dinner at the lakeside Seecafé, a barbecue, or an evening picnic on the lido grounds directly on the lake - the sounds of centuries-old tunes will thrill you! The incomparable end to an eventful holiday day in the Salzkammergut! We'll hear you at the Obertraun Mountain Moments directly at Lake Hallstatt!

The Hallstatt Lake – Lake it!

Already more than 200 years ago the world traveller Alexander von Humboldt appreciated Lake Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut and named Hallstatt "the most beautiful lakeside resort in the world". Now, just two centuries later, the numerous visitors from all over the world have also learnt cherish Lake Hallstatt. Whether for a romantic cruise with an electric boat or on board one of the excursion ships, whether it be bathing in Hallstatt, Bad Goisern or Obertraun, or hiking along the fjord-like waters - Lake Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut has captivated everyone. And so it is hardly surprising that on the water and on its shores, more and more recreation seekers are enjoying themselves. A holiday destination for those who are looking for variety. And when are you coming to Lake Hallstatt?

What are the Obertraun Mountain Moments?

As the colours in the woodland begin to change and temperatures become more comfortable the time is on to go out for a hike! The Obertraun “Hiking in Autumn Program” includes hiking tours ranging from 500 m to 2100 m above sea level. Tours range from easy, in terms of difficulty, to very challenging. The Dachstein-Krippenstein cable car is a means of conquering 1600 m quickly and effortlessly! Discover more of your beautiful ,natural surroundings and go out and explore the Dachstein- Salzkammergut, either under your own steam, or by joining one of our all-time-popular escorted hiking tours in conjunction with the “Obertraun Mountain Moments”.

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Mountain Moments 2022

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