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"Obertraun Mountain Moments" Liachtbratln am Stoa

Date: Mon, Oct. 3, 2022
This event has already taken place
Location:  Lodge am Krippenstein, Winkl 52, 4831 Obertraun
One of the nicest and cosiest traditions is the "Liachtbratln" in the Salzkammergut: Authentic customs on the Dachstein plateau. Please book a table in time!

Genuine Tradition

Originally the people of Bad Ischl celebrated the day on which artificial light had to be used again for work. From the money saved in the summer months, the master donated a roast dinner for his employees. Even today, on the first Monday after 29th September (“Michaeli“ Feast day of Archangel Michael) shops and businesses usually close already at noon. Although today there is no more roast meal from the boss, he still provides a few bottles of wine on the table.

Experience it yourself!

For those who want to experience this good old tradition live, we recommend they come to the “Liachtbratln” in Obertraun on Lake Hallstatt: At 2000 meters above sea level the "Lodge am Krippenstein" invites hiking enthusiasts, mountain enthusiasts and nature lovers for a leisurely afternoon.

Our tip:

Combine this extraordinary traditional event in the Salzkammergut with a three-hour hike on the Heilbronner circular hiking trail or a visit to the spectacular FiveFingers viewing platform; This can be reached in about 45 minutes from the mountain station or Lodge am Krippenstein.

What are the Obertraun Mountain Moments?

As the colours in the woodland begin to change and temperatures become more comfortable the time is on to go out for a hike! The Obertraun “Hiking in Autumn Program” includes hiking tours ranging from 500 m to 2100 m above sea level. Tours range from easy, in terms of difficulty, to very challenging. The Dachstein-Krippenstein cable car is a means of conquering 1600 m quickly and effortlessly! Discover more of your beautiful ,natural surroundings and go out and explore the Dachstein- Salzkammergut, either under your own steam, or by joining one of our all-time-popular escorted hiking tours in conjunction with the “Obertraun Mountain Moments”.

Mountain Moments 2022

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Adventure world for cavers and mountaineering fanatics

Whether you take a short trip with the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car to sunbathe on the vast Gjadalm, or visit the "Lodge am Krippenstein" for the unique panoramic view of the impressive Dachstein mountains - unforgettable mountain moments that can simply not be missed during a holiday in the Salzkammergut! Mountaineers of all ages will find a perfectly marked network of trails and unforgettable nature experiences at over 2,000 m: hiking on the Nature Trail via the Wiesberghaus to Hallstatt, a tour of discovery through the impressive karst landscape on the Heilbronner circular trail or a hike with overnight stay to the Simonyhütte. Many unforgettable sights, such as the spectacular "5fingers" viewing platform, the ship-shaped World Heritage spiral, fascinating cave worlds, or the iconic prehistoric shark, complete the wide range of excursions in the Dachstein hiking world. The mountains are calling - when will you call back?

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