International Wolfgangsee Run – Salzkammergut Marathon

Date: Sat, Oct. 19, 2024
Location:  Municipal office St. Wolfgang, Markt 28, 5360 St. Wolfgang im Salzkammergut
The "Int. Wolfgangseelauf - Salzkammergut Marathon" is celebrating its 52nd edition. More than half a century after the 1st Wolfgangseelauf on October 26th, 1972 with 13 starters and 11 finishers, thousands will again take part in the six competitions.

Dear runner!

We invite you to Austria’s greatest scenic race experience which will be held traditionally on the third weekend of October 2024. With more than 6,000 entries, we saw big races in the recent years! Stunning scenic sections on delightful paths along the shoreline – between water and rock faces – offering everything a runner’s heart desires, and with the six competitions, the Salzkammergut Marathon (42.195k), the 27k Classic, the 10k Shoreline Race, the 5.2k Panorama Race, the Junior-Marathon and Walk the Lake – there is an appropriate distance for everyone.

The ultimate Running experience

After its successful debut in 2011, the special challenge of the Salzkammergut Marathon is in the programme again. After starting in the Imperial town of Bad Ischl and following a 15k lead in, it follows the original circular course of the 27k Classic Lake Wolfgangsee – with the ”invigorating“ Falkenstein (220 m difference in altitude). The participants were unanimous – ”A cracking, first class marathon.”

The Classic is the 27k race of course, which took place for the first time 51 years ago (on the 26th October, 1972). With up to 2,000 entrants, it is the competition with the greatest number of participants, but the 10k Shoreline Race and the 5.2k Panorama Race are getting more and more popular – not forgetting the 2. Walk the Lake (8.5k / 14k / 18.5k / 27k) with start and finish in St. Gilgen – and the Junior-Marathon, that take place on Saturday (14th October, 2023) on the picturesque lake promenade in Strobl, of course!

A medal for everyone that finishes

The finishing line of all four Sunday competitions is situated in the heart of St. Wolfgang – about 100 m away from the the White Horse Inn. All those who finish, over whatever distance, receive an artistically designed medal. The Lake Wolfgangsee circuit is among the most beautiful running challenges on the European running scene. Why don’t you simply enter and enjoy ...

Walk the Lake

This year, for the second time, the “Walk the Lake” competition marks the start of the 52nd Lake Wolfgangsee Race. By doing so, we go back to the event’s roots – the Lake Wolfgangsee Race originates from the IVV-Volkswandertagen (mass hiking tours). For the “Walk the Lake”, with its start and finish at the Restaurant “Brunnwind” in St. Gilgen, the entry hurdle is set very low purposely – timing is completely trivial. You can choose between four istances: 8,5k (St. Gilgen – St. Wolfgang) / 14k (St. Gilgen – Strobl) / 18,5k (St. Gilgen – Gschwendt) / 27k (St. Gilgen – St. Gilgen). If you choose one of the three short distances, the ship will bring you back to St. Gilgen (your starting number is your ticket). Although time will be kept by chips, there will neither be a rating nor refreshment points. Every finisher will receive a medal and a personalized certificate to download. An alphabetical ranking can be downloaded as well. The organizers intend to specifically approach health-conscious contestants, whose main goal is to enjoy themselves while moving their body and soaking up the wonderful scenery of the Salzkammergut. Organizer Franz Sperrer: “The (Nordic) walker start on Saturday at 9 a.m. in St. Gilgen. For lunch or a quick refreshment, we suggest stopping at local restaurants or cafes along the way. One should enjoy the scenery and nature surrounding the Lake Wolfgang and return to St. Gilgen relaxed and proud.”


As a prelude to the 52nd International Lake Wolfgangsee Race”, on Saturday 19th October, 2024 from 2 p.m. the juniors are on their starting blocks once again this year – on the picturesque Lake-Promenade in the centre of Strobl. As the slogan „Running is Fun” suggests, it’s not the performance that counts, it’s the enjoyment. Participants in this age group (2010 and younger i. e. maximum 13 years old) run 200–1,200m.
We invite families, kindergartens and schools to this relaxed test of talent! Every participant that reaches the finishing line receives a lovely souvenir medal and an immediate prize. For all participants (no matter how fast) there will be a raffle for some great prizes – the main one being a mountain bike.
The collection of numbers and late registration are both possible from 12 noon up to 45 minutes before the respective start at the Music pavilion or in the Tourism office in Strobl. Each age group from K4 to K13 will be individually classified (females and males)!
The first three of each class will win one of 60 trophies! Each participant can download and print a personal certificate via the results list on the website www.wolfgangseelauf.at 2023 again: The three biggest participating groups will win a trophy.

Four races – one legendary atmosphere

Salzkammergut Marathon

A scenic Marathon to enjoy! After the great success of the Salzkammergut Marathon from 2011–2022, this unique challenge over the classic 42.195k distance is in the Lake Wolfgangsee race programme again. A special marathon, and scenic experience, awaits all entrants. The Marathon starts in the centre of the Imperial town of Bad Ischl in front of the ”Trinkhalle” building.
The course leads through Pfandl, Wirling (refreshment point) to the Bürglstein guesthouse and then joins the original course of the 27k Classic before continuing on through St. Wolfgang (refreshment point). Between kms 18 and 21 the special challenge of the Falkenstein cliff awaits, over which the runners climb to 220m before coming back down again. Stunning scenic sections on delightful paths along the shoreline, between water and rock faces, offer everything the runner’s heart desires and, after passing through St. Gilgen, Gschwendt and Strobl, the Marathon heads towards the finishing line in St. Wolfgang. The participants were unanimous – „A cracking, first class marathon.

27k Classic Race

Since its debut, 52 years ago on the 26th October, 1972, the Lake Wolfgangsee Race has counted as one of the most scenic and most loved races in Europe. More than 70,000 runners have taken part in this special race which connects the provinces of Upper Austria and Salzburg. With its beautiful scenic sections, along the shore between the water and rock faces, and its delightful pathways, this race offers everything the runner’s heart desires. The 27k Classic Race is the largest competition of the whole event.
For many runners, the 27k long Lake Wolfgangsee Race constitutes the ultimate challenge – almost comparable to a Marathon. Although “only” measuring 64 % of the classic Marathon distance of 42.195k, the “invigorating” Falkenstein, (a 220m-high “hill” between 3 and 6k) certainly contributes to this demanding race and is the special challenge that makes the Lake Wolfgangsee Race unique. The goal of making it once around Lake Wolfgangsee has a special appeal to thousands of runners. Top-class runners take less than 90 minutes. Running enthusiasts and those who run as a hobby take between two and four hours. At the finishing line in St. Wolfgang, just 100m away from the “Weissen Rössl“ (White Horse Inn), everyone who accomplishes this challenge is a winner and, for most people, the artistically designed 27k Finisher’s medal is particularly special!

On the 20th October, 2024, Austria’s greatest scenic race experience takes place for the 52nd time. Once again each participant is in for a real running treat as autumn’s golden hues settle over Lake Wolfgangsee elevating this special sporting experience to a natural wonder.

The race around Lake Wolfgangsee is, of course, attractive athletically but it also has cultural appeal. When running on the oldest pilgrimage route in Europe, various pre-christian places of worship can be seen on the ascent to the Falkenstein church. On the top of the Falkenstein mountain there was once a Celtic place of ritual and sacrifice where, in 976 AD St. Wolfgang, the man of legend and founder of the town, lived as a recluse. To succeed in running once around Lake Wolfgangsee is therefore something very special.

10k Shoreline Race

If there were such a thing as a classic distance for an amateur “Enthusiasts race”, the ideal distance favoured by millions of runners worldwide, would be 10k. Since 2003, this distance has been included in the International Lake Wolfgangsee race programme as the „10k Shoreline Race”.

The start of the 10k Shoreline Race is located at the Schiffsstation (boat jetty) in Gschwendt in Abersee – just under a hundred metres away as the crow flies from the 27k start in St. Wolfgang (admittedly on the opposite shore!). The start of the Shoreline Race takes place on the 15th October, 2023 at 10.34 a.m (group 1), 10.38 a.m. (group 2) and 10.42 a.m. (group 3) and 10.46 a.m. (group 4). On the way to the finishing line the runner passes through a wonderful area of natural beauty which is, in the main, on flat terrain along the shoreline of Lake Wolfgangsee. At 4.5k, the run passes through the spectator-lined streets of Strobl before tackling one or two light ascents on the last kilometres into St. Wolfgang. On the finishing line in St. Wolfgang everyone, whether first or last, is enthusiastically encouraged by the moderator and the many spectators. Of course, all finishers receive the artistically designed Shoreline Race medal.

5.2k Panorama Race

At 5.2k, the Lake Wolfgangsee Panorama Race is the ideal competition for beginners, or a fitting event for all, who wish to enjoy the special atmosphere the Lake Wolfgangsee race offers, but who prefer to run a shorter distance. The start of the Panorama Race takes place on the 20th October, 2024 at 10.30 a.m (group 1), 10.34 a.m. (group 2) and 10.38 a.m. (group 3) from the Dorfplatz (Village Square) in the centre of the Salzburg parish of Strobl at the eastern end of Lake Wolfgangsee.

Especially scenic just after the start, is a delightfully picturesque and lightly rolling section called the Bürglstein-Promenade, on which the border into Upper Austria is crossed. Whilst on this picture-book section, the race passes over a wooden walkway only two meters above the turquoise waters of Lake Wolfgangsee, with the striking rock formation known as the Bürglstein on your right and Lake Wolfgangsee stretching out into the distance to your left. Then, undulating terrain follows as the race progresses towards the finishing line in St. Wolfgang.

In the programme since 2005, this event, the 5.2k long Panorama Race, is enjoyed mainly on a personal level, because of its scenic beauty – with any thoughts of competition seemingly less important!

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