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Violin festival in Bad Goisern 2024

Date: Sun, Sep. 1, 2024
Time: 12:00 — 19:00
Location:  Kirchengasse, Kirchengasse, 4822 Bad Goisern
Feel the musicians' love for music, their enthusiasm and fun at the violin festival in Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt in Austria.

A great idea

It is nice, but not enough to watch traditional festivals just on TV. At the violin festival in Bad Goisern and this tour package, you experience music with your own eyes and ears. The street Alte Kirchengasse, which is the idyllic core of Bad Goisern, is the ideal venue for the violin festival in Bad Goisern. In bad weather, the festival will be held at neighbouring bars, cafés etc. The festival starts at 12 o´clock - open end.

The band "Geign Dischgu" that consists of inhabitants of Bad Goisern who love customs and traditional values, had the idea to hold the violin festival which they named "Aufgeign in Goisern". Many other violin bands, even from other regions, felt that this was a very special concept, and they all liked the idea of "Aufgeign in Goisern". The concept is characterised by sheer love for making music, whereby it is not so important that music is demonstrated like in a professional concert and with absolute perfection. This makes the violin festival a very special event in a great atmosphere, and food and drinks are available at the festival as well.

Come to the Old Centre of Bad Goisern

Let us know that you are here Play where and how it is appropriate, right in the middle of the crowd, Together, among one another, higgledy-piggledy!If necessary, get more vouchers Be happy!

Violin festival in Bad Goisern

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