The first highlight of the year! "International Winter Variety Show 2024"

Date: Sun, Feb. 11, 2024
This event has already taken place
Location:  Congress and Theater House Bad Ischl, Kurhausstraße 8, 4820 Bad Ischl
A beautiful, magical event inspired by the "wise men" is casting its shadows: the "International Winter Variety Show " from 08th - 11th February 2024 with Dirk Denzer's new show "Spirit Dreams" in Bad Ischl.

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The perfect idea for a gift:
The Winter Varieté will reside in
Bad Ischl from the 8th until the 11th of February 2024!

Experience the International Winter Varieté Bad Ischl from the 8th until the 11th of February 2024. Dirk Denzer‘s new show "Varieté Avantgarde" at the 3rd Winter Varieté Bad Ischl 2024. Creative- innovative Varieté pioneers are introducing fascinating and breathtaking ideas to the audience of the European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl 2024. Varieté - a form of culture which doesn’t have a name yet; Varieté Acts, where words have yet to be discovered to describe them. Dirk Denzer’s new show "Varieté Avantgarde" is showing creative and innovative Varieté pioneers at the 3rd Winter Varieté Bad Ischl from the 8th until the 11th of February 2024 at the Kongress- & TheaterHaus Bad Ischl, with breathtaking ideas and an appetite to experiment. Allround artist Dirk Denzer has designed this show especially for the 3rd Winter Varieté Bad Ischl with the highest artistical aspirations and international influence, most suitable for the yearly celebration of the European Capital of Culture. "Varieté Avantgarde" is presenting something magical, fascinating, amazing and surprising, in a new and unique way. A celebration for ears and eyes alike. "Varieté Avantgarde" is the most beautiful and creative proof, that the art form Varieté is constantly reinventing itself and is expanding its boundaries almost into the infinite.

The name of the show is representing the programme – the programme is divers and unusual likewise which is proven right by "Marcus Jeroch", who is leading through the show. He himself is describing his art as „Literarieté“, referring to the world of Varieté another accurate descriptions would be a “word juggler“. His world is the world of words, in which he is carrying off his audience, wildly gesticulating, into a passionate play of words.

He is introducing artists such as the marvellous "Helena Lehmann" from the Ukraine. With only 10 years old she debuted as ballerina at the world-renowned opera house in Odessa. A couple of years later she started to create her unique and enchanting "Vertical Ballet": a combination of female, sensual movements and acrobatic elements. A symbiosis of modern dance elements and unbelievable acrobatic stunts. A story of poetry and grace.

The Berlin company "Tanja & Frida" mesmerizes its audience with compassionate, delicate but yet strong aerial acrobatics no one has experienced before. Their "danse voltige" is not only a complex but as well a beautiful and extraordinary creation. The “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” reviewed "the "danse voltige" with Tanja & Frida on the flying rope as almost intoxicating poetic and dreamy …..". 

A synergy of power, charm, creativity and passion – at the highest artistic standards - will be presented by the artist "Sasha Gangur" with the Cyr. With this variation of the aero wheel a real novelty of the world of Varieté will be presented at Bad Ischl. The breathtaking speed as well as the playful way of movement are capturing the audience’s mind. This artist celebrated various international achievements, among others at the Show Rizoma of the star artist Anatolij Zalevski.

After the two spectacular Winter Varietés of the past years, look forward to Dirk Denzers new show "Varieté Avantgarde" with more unique performances of international top acts from the 8th until the 11th of February 2024 at the Kongress & TheaterHaus Bad Ischl.

The Varieté and production artist Dirk Denzer is designing and producing theme shows like "Traumreisen", "Wasserwelten" or "Anada" with great success. The director Dirk Denzer is enabling people around the world to experience various angles of astonishing international art of Varieté. Many of the highly talented artists are going to premiere in Bad Ischl at Dirk Denzer’s "Varieté Avantgarde" 2024 – don’t miss this exceptional opportunity!

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