The Sound of Silent Film

Location:  Kultur- und Kongresshaus Hallstatt, Seestraße 169, 4830 Hallstatt

Memories you never forget

For more than half a century, millions of people around the world have been following the bitter sweet film story of the von Trapp family in the worldwide cinema hit "The Sound of Music". The film, starring Julie Andrews, was filmed in 1965 only a few kilometres as the crow flies from Hallstatt in Fuschl, Lake Wolfgang and Salzburg. Now it's time to open a new musical chapter: "The Sound of Hallstatt"

Lakeside Festival of Sound

Between April and December 2018, the Hallstatt-based musician, conductor and composer Peter Wesenauer, along with the Dachstein Salzkammergut Tourist Board, invites you to a varied series of concerts. Under the motto "The Sound of Hallstatt", the world-famous lakeside town presents itself from its musical side. You can expect a varied musical program during your holiday in Hallstatt. Always new. Always different. From Tango sounds to drinking songs, musical greetings from Prague, hits for kids and world-famous Christmas songs. Let yourself be surprised and be our guest this year at "The Sound of Hallstatt" - in the most beautiful lakeside town in the world!

Cinema without words

The student from Prague. A silent film that wrote history. With this unusual concert experience you need no words, no language skills. Here only the pictures and the powerful live music are part of the movie. Cinema from another time. An unusual holiday experience.

Der Student von Prag

Is a German horror and fantasy film from the year 1913. Directed by Hans Heinz Ewers. Paul Wegener took the title role. It is the first filming of the eponymous horror story by Hans Heinz Ewers.
Prague in the year 1820. The experienced student Balduin is considered an excellent fencing champion. One fine autumn day, the student clique takes a trip into the countryside to stop off at a tavern and drink beer. Also present is Lyduschka, a beautiful flower girl, who has apparently been in Balduin. The destination of the merry little group is a tavern in a sleepy village, near a magnificent castle. There resides the Count of Schwarzenberg with his beautiful daughter Margit who is engaged to the Baron von Waldis. When Countess Margit's horse goes on a hunting trip, Balduin, who is just leaving the tavern, is on hand to prevent the worst. Out of gratitude, she invites the poor student to the castle. In the face of the abundance and wealth that exists there, Baldwin quickly becomes aware of the wretchedness of his own existence. This realization was taken advantage of by another person present: a certain Scapinelli. The man is regarded as a usurer and has an intrusive as well as opaque existence. The man with the big moustache and the oversized top hat makes an offer to Balduin that seems all too attractive to him: Scapinelli offers him a lot of money, if he becomes his mirror image. Balduin strikes and the horror begins!

Where can I get tickets?

You would like to attend this concert during your holiday in Hallstatt? Concert tickets are available before start of the concert at the box office. Find out more about the respective ticket prices below under "Information at a glance" Good entertainment!

Hallstatt - Small village with a great history

The picturesque village on the lake with the same name owes its existence to the rich salt deposit of salt in the mountain of Hallstatt. 7000 years ago, as the prehistoric humans from Hallstatt began to take the salt from the salt mine who would of guessed, that this little village would give its name to a period in history – the Hallstatt period (800-400 BC). Rich findings in Hallstatt and the upper valley of Hallstatt gave this village international recognition; even today discoveries are still made in the salt mountain of Hallstatt.  Among the most beautiful places of interest are the oldest salt mine in the world and the ossuary in Hallstatt, a romantic boat ride on Lake Hallstatt, a trip to the breathtaking cave world in Obertraun and a visit to the Lake Gosau with the mighty Dachstein glacier. Additionally, Bad Goisern is popular in the summer with hikers and bikers. In winter guests are lured in by the ski areas of Dachstein West in Gosau and the Ski and Freeride Arena in neighboring Obertraun with perfect slope conditions. We wish you an unforgettable holiday in Hallstatt!


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