Glöcklerlauf in Obertraun

Date: Sun, Jan. 5, 2025
Time: 16:45
Location:  Town square Obertraun (Gemeindeplatz), Obertraun 180, 4831 Obertraun
The "Glöcklerlauf" is a time-honoured local tradition on 5th January. This is hardly surprising, as it is believed that the illuminated head decorations and the ringing of the bells bring good luck into the community in the coming year!

In the last night of Epiphany on 5th January

One more reason to extend your Christmas holiday: on 5th January, the Obertraun “Glöckler” (bell ringers) Run takes place in the Dachstein community. A real highlight!

Experience authentic customs live

The ancient customs surrounding the Epiphany with their secret magic have been a permanent feature of the winter months for decades. One of the most beautiful customs is the “Glöckler” Run, which also takes place in Obertraun on 5th January, the eve of the Feast of the Three Kings. Around 30 children and adults run through the darkened streets, nestled between the imposing mountain peaks and Lake Hallstatt, on the last night of Epiphany.

How it all began - The history of the “Glöckler” Run in Obertraun

It is unique that in Obertraun most of the crafts are done only with children. Silke and Bernd Dankelmayr have been leading the group, which has existed for over 50 years, since 1970. In contrast to "normal" years, very little time was spent on preparation for this year’s run. On the one hand, the caps were still in order from the last run, on the other hand, the Obertraun Glöckler (bell ringers) are currently "looking for a home". After the old primary schools, which served as a "handicraft room" and storage room in the past years, was converted into a residential building, the caps are currently stored in the basement and attic of the municipal office. The necessary repair work on the caps is also currently being done in the municipal office.

Through the night with colourful caps

The traditional shapes of the Obertraun bell-ringers' caps are the lanterns, five-pointed and seven-pointed caps. But also replicas of churches, nativity scenes and even birdhouses are worn as caps by bell-ringers in the Dachstein community! By the way, at the beginning of each group a comet "lights" the way for the other cap wearers!

In the bright light of the candles!

The purpose of the “Glöckler” Run is to gain salvation and blessings from the good spirits and to drive away the evil spirits with the muffled sound of the bells and the bright glow of the candles. They parade through the town in white robes, with caps weighing up to 20 kilograms and bells that are just as heavy.

Look forward to a unique event

The Obertraun Glöckler Run begins at 16:45 at the town square.
There the bell ringers make their circles and are accompanied by the Obertraun brass band. Afterwards, the bell-ringers, divided into different "passes" (groups), run through the dark night and wish the people and guests of the Dachstein community a Happy New Year. In various guesthouses and private houses the “Glöckler” are invited to rest and with warming tea and good snack provided.

Glöckler parade in Obertraun on Lake Hallstatt

Don't fancy the winter blues!

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